Welcome to GrandmaStyle, the sustainable community!

Our little start-up wants to create a community about a sustainable lifestyle.
We fight for reducing plastic-waste and focus mainly on the reduction of plastic bags
of all kinds by offering an alternative: beautiful handmade cloth bags
(such as shopping bags, Yoga bags and cosmetic bags) that are entirely produced
from old cloth such as clothes, curtains, bedsheets etc. made by real grannies and grandpa's!

Furthermore, GrandmaStyle aims to fight societal problems concerning lonely
elderly people, not being well integrated in the society anymore. In the near future
GrandmaStyle wants to ask lonely grannies (grandpa's are ofcourse included as well!!!)
to help us making the bags and form a community of grandma's (and the handy grandpa's
among them) that are well integrated in the society again.

GrandmaStyle's goal is to work closely with foundations for elderly
people and support them as much as possible to provide them with whatever they
with for (kofffie&tea with the GrandmaStyle meetings; a nice excursion day etc.).